This Is So Underrated!

One of the most underrated but yet most valuable items you will need to purchase or get for our little on is not what you would probably expect. Small, yellow, compact, and ready to work would describe this little product. Yes, I am talking about the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky. The most underrated baby product most baby blogs fail to mention.

Bath time for your little one will be a lot less stressful and chaotic by purchasing the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky as you’ll be more confident the water temperature for your wiggly, slippery little one is just right. In fact, it’ll make bath time a lot faster for one, and two you’ll feel a lot less relived knowing the water temperature isn’t going to cause him/her to scream cause the water is too hot or too cold.

Important Note* babies skin is substantially more sensitive and reactive than ours, that is why it’s so imperative to get your babies bathwater temperature just right before they get in the tub! It comes down to not just a safety issue but a relaxing, comforting issue

For only a few bucks this little rubber ducky will be the best rubber ducky you ever purchased, so stop trying t guess the perfect water temperature!

The Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky wont give you give the exact bath thermometer like some of the other more expensive temperature gauges, but rather the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky has indicator if the bath water is too hot.

Its design is simple but effective. the bottom side, the rubber ducky has a disc to display if the water is too hot.

One of the benefits over more leading temperature indicators is its not necessary to change batteries with the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky or switch from on to off, just drop in and let it go to work for you.

Lastly, what i enjoy most about the simplistic Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky is its non-toxic functionality. No batteries, no wires, no harm materials around your little one.

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It Will Fit In Here!

Ok, so although the Eddie Bauer Places and Spaces Cascade Diaper Backpack is what some may call a “designer” bag I, Dad, am for one super pleased with it. Although you don’t need a “designer” bag especially if you are on a budget, the Eddie Bauer Diaper bag is reasonably priced for what is carries. Either way, fully stocked bag at that can accommodate all your little ones needs can certainly make it easier when things get a little chaotic, and they do.

We chose to go with the Eddie Bauer Places and Spaces Cascade Diaper Backpack primarily for it’s design and functionality. As a new Dad, I was certainly more focused on the appearance than functionality, as I believe many Dads would agree, ‘gotta look cooler than the other Dads!’. It certainly, just by looking at it, doesn’t shout to everyone, “yup, its a diaper bag.”

I mentioned in my Instagram post, one of best features, of many, is its pockets, 12 to be exact. In addition, the removeable changing pad, stroller loops, wipes case with Velcro opening for easy access, and insulated bottle pocket. My favorite feature, personally is the the wipes case on the side of the backpack. It is great for getting a wipe on the go to clean messy hands or faces at the wipe container fit perfectly inside the pocket. The Eddie Bauer Places and Spaces Cascade Diaper Backpack really does alleviate the stresses of finding that smaller little binky case with all the convenient pockets it offers.

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Pamper Me Mom & Dad!

As a result of doing some extensive research on diapers, I discovered that Pampers diapers are tested and proven to be safe and highly recommended by most doctors, nurses, and pediatricians. After all, most hospitals around the world choose Pampers.

It is also comforting to know Pampers work with well known specialists, like pediatricians and pediatric dermatologists, to guarantee Pampers meets all safety and quality requirements.

Pampers is dependable with regards to soaking up all the solids and liquids that your little one may excrete. The best part is Pampers diapers have a line on the diaper that turns yellow to blue telling you when its time the diaper, best feature by far! This was a big plus, that sought-a-kinda was the tipping point for us to choose Pampers, and believe e, its a great feature, you will only miss it when you don’t have it.

Another great feature is the adhesive tap that secures everything inside the diaper. regardless of where you adhere the tape, you can rest-assure, the tape will stay in place, regardless of how fidgety your little one can be.

Did I mention the cute, warm, comforting design Pampers choose to present on their diapers. The materials is soft and not abrasive assuring a rash-free material on your little ones gentle skin.

Use this step-by-step guide to avoid leaks.

  • Pick the correct diaper size, the diaper should fit comfortably, not too big not too small.
  • Guarantee the adhesive tape is attached evenly on the diaper.
  • Use a finger-swipe to pull out the elastic band that wraps around his/her little butt–cheeks
  • The diaper should fit cozy under the stomach button, not too tight, not too loose

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Scrub-a-dub, Baby in a Tub!

As a first-time Dad taking my little-man back to once quiet home was nerving to say the least, a.k.a emotional roller-coaster. Shockingly, bathtime was one of them. I’d heard stories from other Dads and Moms who aired me on the side of caution that the first few baths might be just shy of a traumatic experience. But in the wake of utilizing the Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub a few times, I became a big fan and I’d like to say if our little-man could critique…he’d say the same.

The Moby tub is extraordinary for newborns babies, and it has a few features that’ll you’ll enjoy since the tub will adapt as your little one grows bigger. The sling can be positioned so your little grower has more leg room and can be totally taken out once the little one is sufficiently large enough to sit up all alone. The sling is safety fastened by clasping it into place over the sides of the tub. Don’t be alarmed about the positioning of the sling or set-up as it does come with a Manuel.

This tub is somewhat bigger than a portion of different tubs we had looked into prior to putting together our registry. The Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub is a great purchase if you have a shower-tub style bathroom or even a flat surfaced area. The tubs design keeps water in for little clean-up.

My big wow factor for this tub is the non-slip mesh insert. Since the tub is larger in size, I was afraid our little guy would need to constantly be repositioned. However the mesh keeps him still and an added bonus the mesh design is soft enough on his delicate skin so as not to rub and cause redness or rashing.

Other than being cute, it’s simple yet functional design is great for any parent to appreciate. with a hook for easy drying and a plug at the bottom makes cleaning as easy as 1-2-3.

With a gender neutral design and color, the The Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub makes bath time a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

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Go Here for This!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on us all, but especially in-person retail as anyone can imagine. As we move to a more digital environment; on-line retail is the latest trend because of the number of perks it provides. However, there a number of drop backs that on-line holds, such as, sizing, color, and quality, such things you can only enjoy in-store. Despite all this, here are a few of the stores, our little family shops at for the best prices, styles, and quality. Drop a comment below to provide your insight to help others!


Regardless of whether you’re decorating your nursery or acknowledging your need too, buybuyBaby has you covered. You can look by brands like Graco, Chicco, Fisher-Price, Gerber and so many more! I’ll admit, the Nursing and Feeding area is loaded with exceptionally rated products we love. You may at times feel a rush to buy their cloths since there clothing department is packed with all the latest styles but do your best to avoid such buys as your credit limit will wear-thin pretty quick. Save the money for the others stores I mention below. Keep in mind though, BuybuyBaby has a style test and plan team if you need a hand setting up your nursery.


Carter’s is the place where you’ll need to load up on everything clothing for your little loved one especially if your on a budget as the clearance rack is most times the lace to go first. With “made to match” clothing you can undoubtedly fill baskets with onesies, workout pants, T-shirts, socks, and all the accessories that will go together regardless of you’re planed occasion. Sizes run from premie to 5T, and there’s a children’s segments up to measure 14. Carter’s dress is endless and there are countless examples to browse to accommodate your little one’s creating character.


Amazon is the ruler of on-line retail, without-a-doubt. For any Mommy and Daddy, Amazon holds true to be the first spot on their go-to list especially for acquiring the little things for their little one. As everybody knows, Amazon ships rapidly with little to no worry so what’s not to like about them? Drop a comment below to help others have a better insight! But anyhow, their children’s department displays all your number one brands like, Pampers, Huggies, Gerber, and so, so much more. You can likewise purchase nursery stylistic themes, toys, and fundamental hardware like thermometers, child screens, and infant food creators.


Kohl’s is an incredible spot to look for moderate dress, yet did you realize it has a strong list of child supplies, including all your required nursery supplies to fill your little ones den! Kohl’s is an incredible choice for one-stop shopping, and the site habitually runs site-wide deals, which permit you to shop more for even less.


In the event you’re searching for comfort and moderateness, Target is for you. It carries various brands of all the infant basics: onesies, diapers, bottles, vehicle seats, buggies, and so on. Perhaps the greatest asset is that it very well may be an all in one resource so you can purchase all in one request with all your requirement for your children.

This Stuff Matters…

Nursery Furniture

The necessities:

  • Crib or co-sleeper
  • Crib mattress

If it fits in the budget:

  • Changing table
  • Bassinet (though it’s only safe until 3 months or 15 pounds)
  • Rocking chair or glider
  • Humidifier or vaporizer
  • Dresser/chest
  • Hamper
  • Baby monitor (if you have a big house)

Baby Linens

The necessities:

  • 1 fitted crib sheets
  • Several thin cotton receiving blankets
  • 1 waterproof mattress protectors

If it fits in the budget:

  • Matching quilt or a crib skirt (they’re only decorative)

Babyproofing Gear

The necessities (after 4 months):

  • Gates at the top and bottom of all stairs
  • Cabinet latches
  • Drawer latches
  • Outlet covers
  • Fireplace bumper
  • Furniture anchors
  • Corner guards for low tables

If it fits in the budget:

  • Toilet lock

Formula Feeding Gear

The necessities:

  • 3+ or so bottles with newborn nipples (try Dr. Browns, most recommended)
  • Bottle-cleaning brush or a dishwasher basket
  • Several weeks’ worth of baby formula to start
  • 3+ or more cotton bibs
  • 3+ or more burp cloths (cloth diapers do the job)

If it fits in the budget:

  • Bottle sterilizer
  • cooler/warmer for on-the-go events

Breastfeeding Gear

The necessities:

  • Nursing pillow
  • 2+ nursing bras
  • 2+ boxes of nursing pads
  • 2+ or more cotton bibs
  • 3+ or more burp cloths (cloth diapers do the job)

If it fits in the budget:

  • Breast pump (electric if you’ll use it every day at work, otherwise a hand pump is fine)
  • Breast milk storage bags or containers
  • Nipple cream (for the first few weeks)

Solid-food Feeding Gear

The necessities (not an issue until 4 to 6 months):

  • High chair
  • Plastic bibs
  • Infant feeding spoons/Infant bowl

Diaper Gear

The necessities:

  • 6+ packs of newborn diapers to start
  • Wipes (sensitive skin/no scent)
  • Waterproof changing table pad
  • Ointment for rash
  • 2+ changing table pad covers (usually cotton or terry cloth)
  • Diaper pail or trash can with a lid

If it fits in the budget:

  • Baby cream (if your baby has dry skin)

Bathing and Grooming Gear

The necessities:

  • 2 hooded towels
  • 4 washcloths
  • Infant tub
  • Baby bath wash
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby comb and brush set
  • Nail scissors/nail clippers/nail file set

If it fits in the budget:

  • Bath toys (3+months)
  • Mesh bag to hold bath toys
  • Bath thermometer
  • Faucet guard

Baby Clothing

The necessities:

  • 5+ or more snap-crotch bodysuits/onesies
  • 3+ T-shirts and/or side-snap shirts
  • 5+ pairs of pajamas and/or sleeping gowns
  • Cold/hot-weather hat
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • Baby hangers for the closet (10+)

If it fits in the budget:

  • A special outfit to bring baby home in and/or show her off
  • Several diaper covers
  • 2+ Blankets

Travel Gear

The necessities:

  • Car seat
  • Stroller
  • Diaper bag

If it fits in the budget:

  • Rain cover for the stroller
  • Sunshades for the car windows
  • Front carrier, like a Snugli or Baby Bjorn

First Baby Toys

No necessities, but it’s nice to have:

  • Rattles
  • Plastic links
  • Soft blocks
  • Activity gym/play mat
  • Toys that attach to the stroller

Baby Seats

The necessities:

  • Bouncer seat or infant seat
  • Stationary activity center (once baby is 4 months old)
  • Heavy blankets and quilts to lay on the floor

If it fits in the budget:

  • Swing

Baby Care Basics

The necessities:

  • Several pacifiers
  • Thermometer
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Infant Tylenol
  • Nasal aspirator