Keep The Chill Away!

The colder months are amongst us, at least here in the Northeast and we all know keeping the little one warm is crucial especially during diaper changes! The best way to do this is to keep warm, moist, toilettes prepared for those reoccurring times! The Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer is the best in the business to keep the most sensitive skin warm! So what’s included in the box, a wipe warmer, ever fresh pad, and cloth baby wipes that are the perfect size for their warmer, however you do not need to use these, disposable wipes like pampers, work just fine.

Whether you have been blessed with a baby boy or baby girl, both favor a warm , soft, comforting wipe, over a cold one, there is no doubt in such. We actually would all probably prefer a warmer wipe but for now, lets keep our little ones warm and nurtured. The Ever Fresh cushion keeps the wipes from drying out inside the warmer. The Ever Fresh cushion keeps the wipes new and fresh for a warm clean wipe each time. In addition, the wipes will never discolor or burn.

The wipes included are a delicate and can be washed with fabric softener like Dreft.

The most important function that mom and dad should be aware of is the ability for the wipe warmer to combat bacteria and fungus. The Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer has proven lab tests that show their antimicrobial wipe warmer significantly deters the growth of bacteria and fungi through an incorporated EPA-approved antimicrobial additive that makes their wipes warmers, and the wipes inside, safer than other products on the market. The everFRESH pillow at the bottom of the wipes warmers continuously moistens the wipes inside with water vapor and antimicrobial molecules.

Lastly, The Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer is made to be left on 24/7, eliminating the stress of leaving the warmer plugged into an outlet. A nightlight is also built into the warmer so visibility at night is easier.

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Worry Free Clean!

A newborns skin is very sensitive and all sorts of skin conditions can arise if we are not careful about what fabric cleaners we are using to clean their little outfits.

The best practice to guarantee your little one’s skin remains soft and smooth is too wash all fabric thoroughly to avoid cleanser buildup. Erum Ilyas, M.D., states fabric cleaners don’t really represent an issue to newborn skin,” . Erum Ilyas is a dermatologist in Pennsylvania, and also a member of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology.

All things considered, to ensure the little one isn’t coming into contact with any harmful added substances, a number of parents decide to utilize cleaners that are delicate, fragrance free, free of artificial dyes, and brighteners.

On the off chance that you notice a skin rash on your infant’s skin, call your pediatrician. Meanwhile, you could likewise do an additional rinse cycle on your washer to rid away any cleanser buildup that might be waiting in the texture and setting off skin rashes on your little one.

There’s no set standard concerning how frequently you should wash infant’s garments, yet you should wash those onesies after each wear on the off chance that they’re soaked in drool or stained with formula/breastmilk/food.

As with anything new you put on your little one, it’s best practice to do a test first to perceive how their skin will respond. With fabric cleaner, that implies purchasing a sample size or borrowing a few ounces from family or friends, and proceeding to wash a number of their fabrics in the cleaner.

Also, given the amount you and the remainder of your family will cuddle him/her, you should think about utilizing a similar cleanser for all clothing in the house. It removes the worry of having skin rash and gives you one less thing to buy at the store.

Without further detail, my family and I recommended Dreft.

Dreft has been the go-to fabric cleaner for newborn+ for over 80 years. Truth be told, there’s a possibility somebody will gift you a jug at your child shower. Dreft’s Stage 1 for newborns is hypoallergenic and made of biodegradable surfactants. This 150-ounce holder (better buy) accompanies an implicit tap for simple pouring, and has enough fluid for 96 loads.

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Fresh with Style!

My little family and I are constantly on the move, from running errands, visiting Grandma and Grandpa, to visiting family and friends. We enjoy the active lifestyle and having our little one really hasn’t slowed us down all too much. In-fact, we believe that it very well may be beneficial for our little one to become accustomed to our dynamic way of life so he too can become active, energetic, and curious. With all that said, it is the up-most important that we always gather to essentials for the little guy, especially when it comes to Momma’s liquid gold!

The Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag is an incredible item to consider for Moms and Dads who are constantly out-and-about and need a way to store breastmilk and/or formula.

We have utilized this little cooler in just about everyway, its dependency allows us to bring it just about everywhere, especially because we are so satisfied with how well this item has kept our most valuable cargo fresh. Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag confirms that the cooler will keep contents cold for up to 4hrs.

My family is always on the go! We enjoy traveling and haven’t let having kids slow us down. In fact, my husband and I figured that it might be good for them to get used to our active lifestyle. With all the airplane travel that I do I knew that needed to find something to make transporting bottles easier. The Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag is a great product to consider for moms who are planning to spend a day away from home or for those moms who are going to travel with their little ones. I’ve even heard that moms who pump while away from home have found this bag useful for transporting their breastmilk.

I have used this bag on numerous trips and have been very pleased with how well this product has kept bottles cold. Skip Hop claims that the bag will keep bottles cold for up to four hours, but I’ve found that as long as the bag is not in extreme heat that it actually can cool bottles for longer than that. The bag is insulated and there is a reusable freezer pack that fits nicely in an interior mesh pocket. For those traveling by air, make sure that the freezer pack is frozen when going through airport security so that it’s not confiscated!

One of my number one highlights of this cooler is the simplest opening. Its functionality along for ease of use when yours hand are full. The snap on strap will attach to our diaper back-pack so you don’t have to route throw the entire diaper back looking for the possibly spilt and/or leaky bottle.

Skip Hop states that the cooler can hold two large liquid containers (bottle/sippy cups), however, we have jammed 3-4 Dr. Browns Natural Flow Bottles inside. Its a snug fit but it fits!

Cleaning the cooler will take less and 60 seconds as it has a wipeable coating that is anything but difficult to clean. a moist towelette and safe cleaning solution with do the job.

I’ll add, the two way zipper is another added bonus for functionality when your hands are full. The zippers are sturdy so don’t worry about jamming that 3rd or even 4th bottle inside.

Most importantly, the cooler is bpa. safe all around!

Skip Hop offers various fun designs to accommodate your style. You can even pick one that coordinates with your diaper pack. Check mine out on Instagram!

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This Is So Underrated!

One of the most underrated but yet most valuable items you will need to purchase or get for our little on is not what you would probably expect. Small, yellow, compact, and ready to work would describe this little product. Yes, I am talking about the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky. The most underrated baby product most baby blogs fail to mention.

Bath time for your little one will be a lot less stressful and chaotic by purchasing the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky as you’ll be more confident the water temperature for your wiggly, slippery little one is just right. In fact, it’ll make bath time a lot faster for one, and two you’ll feel a lot less relived knowing the water temperature isn’t going to cause him/her to scream cause the water is too hot or too cold.

Important Note* babies skin is substantially more sensitive and reactive than ours, that is why it’s so imperative to get your babies bathwater temperature just right before they get in the tub! It comes down to not just a safety issue but a relaxing, comforting issue

For only a few bucks this little rubber ducky will be the best rubber ducky you ever purchased, so stop trying t guess the perfect water temperature!

The Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky wont give you give the exact bath thermometer like some of the other more expensive temperature gauges, but rather the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky has indicator if the bath water is too hot.

Its design is simple but effective. the bottom side, the rubber ducky has a disc to display if the water is too hot.

One of the benefits over more leading temperature indicators is its not necessary to change batteries with the Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky or switch from on to off, just drop in and let it go to work for you.

Lastly, what i enjoy most about the simplistic Munchkin White Hot Safety Ducky is its non-toxic functionality. No batteries, no wires, no harm materials around your little one.

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It Will Fit In Here!

Ok, so although the Eddie Bauer Places and Spaces Cascade Diaper Backpack is what some may call a “designer” bag I, Dad, am for one super pleased with it. Although you don’t need a “designer” bag especially if you are on a budget, the Eddie Bauer Diaper bag is reasonably priced for what is carries. Either way, fully stocked bag at that can accommodate all your little ones needs can certainly make it easier when things get a little chaotic, and they do.

We chose to go with the Eddie Bauer Places and Spaces Cascade Diaper Backpack primarily for it’s design and functionality. As a new Dad, I was certainly more focused on the appearance than functionality, as I believe many Dads would agree, ‘gotta look cooler than the other Dads!’. It certainly, just by looking at it, doesn’t shout to everyone, “yup, its a diaper bag.”

I mentioned in my Instagram post, one of best features, of many, is its pockets, 12 to be exact. In addition, the removeable changing pad, stroller loops, wipes case with Velcro opening for easy access, and insulated bottle pocket. My favorite feature, personally is the the wipes case on the side of the backpack. It is great for getting a wipe on the go to clean messy hands or faces at the wipe container fit perfectly inside the pocket. The Eddie Bauer Places and Spaces Cascade Diaper Backpack really does alleviate the stresses of finding that smaller little binky case with all the convenient pockets it offers.

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The Daunting Tasks

It can be a bit stressful to figure out what baby care grooming kit to add to your little ones nursery essentials Fortunately for you, the Fridababy Baby Basics Kit has all you will want for the little one in one convenient package. Now and again you’ll begin to recognize, the little one has some unfavorable grooming needs, i.e. boogers, ear wax, flaky skin, and razor blades for nails. but the Fridababy Baby Basics unit is your baby care grooming kit so you are ready for all the pictures and cuddles he/she will receive. Added bonus, nifty carrying case so you won’t be looking all over for that tiny little nail trimmer or file.

The Fridababy Baby Basics Kit kit is packed with four absolute grooming necessities for every newborn. The Baby Basics Kit includes the NoseFrida The Snotsucker (don’t worry, I offer another solution below to this item) Windi The Gas-Passer, NailFrida The SnipperClipper, the trimmer meets-scissor combo intended for little fingers with a spyhole to see where to trim, in addition a S-Curved nail file to smooth unpleasant edges; and DermaFrida The SkinSoother, a silicone infant shower brush that will keep the little ones skin smooth and soft.

Fridababy’s Baby Basics Kit, is loaded up with the four head-to-toe care essentials to keep him/her fresh from those pesky boogers, caught-up gas, razor sharp nails, and flaky skin.

Did I mention the FridaBaby 3-in-1 Nose, Nail + Ear Picker  is a must have addition to the grooming essentials. Often sold separately you’ll want to make sure this is on the registry as well.

As I just mentioned, the FridayBaby Baby Basic Kit is a great registry you’ll want to purchase before someone else does.

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Skip Hop

If you live in a cooler region like we do here in the northeast then I am most certainly going to recommend the Skip Hop Winter Cover. The cover and insulation it provides for the little one inside the car seat certainly stands out from its competitors.

The outer shell is water-resistant and wind-protective, so you can rest assure your little one is going to be nice and cozy. The warmest part of this cover is a thick plush layer of fleece that keeps your little one snug in harsh weather conditions.

Like many others, this cover offers temperature control by rolling back the top layer and then snapping securely to the outer layer to provide a little breeze if necessary.

The functionality of the cover allows it to fit most car seats as its elastic band will securely wrap around many car seats.

The Skip Hop Winter Car Seat cover is honestly one of the best car seat covers you can provide for your little one. Although its price-tag is slightly more than its competitors, the durable, high quality, design and configuration will have you feeling confident you purchased the best.

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Pamper Me Mom & Dad!

As a result of doing some extensive research on diapers, I discovered that Pampers diapers are tested and proven to be safe and highly recommended by most doctors, nurses, and pediatricians. After all, most hospitals around the world choose Pampers.

It is also comforting to know Pampers work with well known specialists, like pediatricians and pediatric dermatologists, to guarantee Pampers meets all safety and quality requirements.

Pampers is dependable with regards to soaking up all the solids and liquids that your little one may excrete. The best part is Pampers diapers have a line on the diaper that turns yellow to blue telling you when its time the diaper, best feature by far! This was a big plus, that sought-a-kinda was the tipping point for us to choose Pampers, and believe e, its a great feature, you will only miss it when you don’t have it.

Another great feature is the adhesive tap that secures everything inside the diaper. regardless of where you adhere the tape, you can rest-assure, the tape will stay in place, regardless of how fidgety your little one can be.

Did I mention the cute, warm, comforting design Pampers choose to present on their diapers. The materials is soft and not abrasive assuring a rash-free material on your little ones gentle skin.

Use this step-by-step guide to avoid leaks.

  • Pick the correct diaper size, the diaper should fit comfortably, not too big not too small.
  • Guarantee the adhesive tape is attached evenly on the diaper.
  • Use a finger-swipe to pull out the elastic band that wraps around his/her little butt–cheeks
  • The diaper should fit cozy under the stomach button, not too tight, not too loose

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Safety First

One of the many great highlights of parenthood is when we see our little one(s) begin to become mobile. However as sweet as this is; it is also oh-so-bitter. It’s an ideal time to begin considering baby-proofing the house.

Regardless of how well you prepare your home nothing will guarantee it will be completely protected but the goal of baby-proofing is to minimize the amount of trouble or harm she-he can get into. At this point, take a look below at some of immediate pre-cautions to start with:

  • Get any chipping paint fixed or eliminated, especially, if your house was worked constructed prior to 1978. Residue from lead paint, which was prohibited from private use in that year, can be destructive if ingested.

• Put non-slip cushions under seat matts

• Cover all sharp furniture edges and corners with guards or security cushioning (*cheap tip: pool noodles/window/door weather strips)

• Block all exposed outlets with covers or furniture or use security plugs.

• Secure any drawers or organizers within infant’s reach.

  • Tie-up or tuck away any blinds or window strings with loops

• Always unplug and store-away electric appliances that aren’t in use that normally are left out.

• Check the house and yard for toxic plants and move them out of reach

• Ensure all furniture, i.e. tables and chairs are tightened, strong, and sturdy

  • Put a padded or thick rug or carpet below the changing table

• Never put the crib against or in close proximity of windows, heaters, lamps, wall decoration and cords

  • All painting inside the nursery should be finished within six-eight weeks prior to the baby’s due-date to avoid exposing the little one to any potentially harmful fumes. (best mitigated by using fans and keeping windows open)
  • Remove any small objects that could be choking hazards
  • Install bay-gates near stairs and ledges

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Scrub-a-dub, Baby in a Tub!

As a first-time Dad taking my little-man back to once quiet home was nerving to say the least, a.k.a emotional roller-coaster. Shockingly, bathtime was one of them. I’d heard stories from other Dads and Moms who aired me on the side of caution that the first few baths might be just shy of a traumatic experience. But in the wake of utilizing the Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub a few times, I became a big fan and I’d like to say if our little-man could critique…he’d say the same.

The Moby tub is extraordinary for newborns babies, and it has a few features that’ll you’ll enjoy since the tub will adapt as your little one grows bigger. The sling can be positioned so your little grower has more leg room and can be totally taken out once the little one is sufficiently large enough to sit up all alone. The sling is safety fastened by clasping it into place over the sides of the tub. Don’t be alarmed about the positioning of the sling or set-up as it does come with a Manuel.

This tub is somewhat bigger than a portion of different tubs we had looked into prior to putting together our registry. The Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub is a great purchase if you have a shower-tub style bathroom or even a flat surfaced area. The tubs design keeps water in for little clean-up.

My big wow factor for this tub is the non-slip mesh insert. Since the tub is larger in size, I was afraid our little guy would need to constantly be repositioned. However the mesh keeps him still and an added bonus the mesh design is soft enough on his delicate skin so as not to rub and cause redness or rashing.

Other than being cute, it’s simple yet functional design is great for any parent to appreciate. with a hook for easy drying and a plug at the bottom makes cleaning as easy as 1-2-3.

With a gender neutral design and color, the The Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub makes bath time a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

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