Founder, Ronald Sutton Jr, discovered his own path to success through determination and dedication. Ronald Sutton Jr built his academic experience by completing his undergraduate studies in 2013 . Years of valuable law enforcement training and experience provided Ronald Sutton Jr with the knowledge to protect and serve his family, friends, and community. Ronald Sutton Jr continues to perform to the highest level of service as Husband, Father, and Police Officer.

As a proud parent, Ronald Sutton Jr displays his level of expertise at home and work with the assistance of his loving wife, Sarah. Together, Ronald and Sarah are passionate about sharing their experience as they evolved from Mommy-Daddy-to-be-to Mommy and Daddy. As a final note, to all parents/parents to-be; we request every parent take time from their ever evolving lifestyles to become familiar with the best products for their most cherished loved ones.

Ronald Sutton- Founder