Keep The Chill Away!

The colder months are amongst us, at least here in the Northeast and we all know keeping the little one warm is crucial especially during diaper changes! The best way to do this is to keep warm, moist, toilettes prepared for those reoccurring times! The Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer is the best in the business to keep the most sensitive skin warm! So what’s included in the box, a wipe warmer, ever fresh pad, and cloth baby wipes that are the perfect size for their warmer, however you do not need to use these, disposable wipes like pampers, work just fine.

Whether you have been blessed with a baby boy or baby girl, both favor a warm , soft, comforting wipe, over a cold one, there is no doubt in such. We actually would all probably prefer a warmer wipe but for now, lets keep our little ones warm and nurtured. The Ever Fresh cushion keeps the wipes from drying out inside the warmer. The Ever Fresh cushion keeps the wipes new and fresh for a warm clean wipe each time. In addition, the wipes will never discolor or burn.

The wipes included are a delicate and can be washed with fabric softener like Dreft.

The most important function that mom and dad should be aware of is the ability for the wipe warmer to combat bacteria and fungus. The Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer has proven lab tests that show their antimicrobial wipe warmer significantly deters the growth of bacteria and fungi through an incorporated EPA-approved antimicrobial additive that makes their wipes warmers, and the wipes inside, safer than other products on the market. The everFRESH pillow at the bottom of the wipes warmers continuously moistens the wipes inside with water vapor and antimicrobial molecules.

Lastly, The Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer is made to be left on 24/7, eliminating the stress of leaving the warmer plugged into an outlet. A nightlight is also built into the warmer so visibility at night is easier.

Get yours today on Amazon, Click Here!

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