Safety First

One of the many great highlights of parenthood is when we see our little one(s) begin to become mobile. However as sweet as this is; it is also oh-so-bitter. It’s an ideal time to begin considering baby-proofing the house.

Regardless of how well you prepare your home nothing will guarantee it will be completely protected but the goal of baby-proofing is to minimize the amount of trouble or harm she-he can get into. At this point, take a look below at some of immediate pre-cautions to start with:

  • Get any chipping paint fixed or eliminated, especially, if your house was worked constructed prior to 1978. Residue from lead paint, which was prohibited from private use in that year, can be destructive if ingested.

• Put non-slip cushions under seat matts

• Cover all sharp furniture edges and corners with guards or security cushioning (*cheap tip: pool noodles/window/door weather strips)

• Block all exposed outlets with covers or furniture or use security plugs.

• Secure any drawers or organizers within infant’s reach.

  • Tie-up or tuck away any blinds or window strings with loops

• Always unplug and store-away electric appliances that aren’t in use that normally are left out.

• Check the house and yard for toxic plants and move them out of reach

• Ensure all furniture, i.e. tables and chairs are tightened, strong, and sturdy

  • Put a padded or thick rug or carpet below the changing table

• Never put the crib against or in close proximity of windows, heaters, lamps, wall decoration and cords

  • All painting inside the nursery should be finished within six-eight weeks prior to the baby’s due-date to avoid exposing the little one to any potentially harmful fumes. (best mitigated by using fans and keeping windows open)
  • Remove any small objects that could be choking hazards
  • Install bay-gates near stairs and ledges

Check out the link below, to get your safety starter kit today!

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